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1911 Tactical Light Rail

Price: $59.95
Item Number: 1911RAIL


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TOOL Requirements
Mill or drill press
#29 drill bit
#8-32 tap
Small half-round file
5/64th Allen wrench
Starter drill bit (#2)

  1. Clear and disassemble entire gun.
  2. Set frame in vise and level the dust cover.
  3. Place rail on dust cover and center it up with the trigger guard.
  4. *IMPORTANT* Before marking holes, check it insure rail is aligned with the trigger guard and the rail is not canted side to side. Some dust covers are not a perfectly radius, so visually verify that the rail is level side to side.
  5. Mark holes on to dust cover.
  6. Spot holes with #2 starter bit.
  7. Remove starter bit and then drill holes with #29 drill bit. Repeat process for remaining holes.
  8. Tap holes with #8-32 tap.
  9. Install rail and all screws. Check fit and alignment, then tighten screws. *will have very small amount of play when screws are loose or just snug.
  10. With screw tight, trim screw excess so they are flush with the inside of the dust cover.*REMEMBER* which screw came from which hole after trimming screws, they are fit to each individual hole.
  11. Remove screws apply loctite and retighten.
    *Please DO NOT attempt to install this with a hand drill*