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Here are some comments about Novak's® through the years.

Wiley Clapp, Guns and Ammo, January 1989
" When Smith & Wesson announced the new third generation of 9mm and .45 ACP automatics last fall, they credited the majority of the ergonomic improvements on the guns to West Virginia pistolsmith Wayne Novak. Novak is an open-minded, innovative guy with an intuitive sense of what feels right and the technical skill to make it shoot even better."
LT. Gary Paul Johnston, Shaker Heights PD., Ret.
" Novak's Inc. is a full service custom shop offering the finest in high performance concealed carry pistols, specializing in law enforcement and civilian applications. Reliability is the number one priority in Novak's guns, and there are no finer combat sights than Novak's famous LoMount sights."
Charles E. Petty, Handgun Quarterly, July 1990
" I couldn't believe my ears. Steve Melvin, president of Smith & Wesson, had just said the West Virginia pistolsmith Wayne Novak contributed to the development of S&W's Third Generation line of automatic pistols...Considering the egotistical insecurity that is so widespread in the firearms industry, it's virtually unheard of for a manufacturer, especially one as large as S&W, to acknowledge an outside source for an idea..."
Ken HackathornFighting Firearms, Spring 1992
" The pistolsmiths at Novak's Inc. are all shooters. Wayne Novak has worked with me on many federal law enforcement projects. With this background and his exposure to U.S. Military SpecOps units, Novak has contact with those who have really "seen the elephant." His custom modifications reflect his connections with professionals."
" Few of Novak's clientele will be found on the firing line at an IPSC match. His wares are rarely displayed in popular gun press puff pieces. His customers are more likely to exhibit a Novak Custom Pistol only during the 1.2 seconds it takes to complete the draw stroke in a real gunfight."